Lil Degens

Everyone has an Inner Degen...

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NFT Collection Info

Lil Degens

  • Collection Size: 5000
  • WL 1: $DEGEN Holders of at least 20 $DEGEN (MAXIMUM 10 WL)
  • WL 2: WL can be obtained by being in the discord and active on socials via Lil Degen team (MAXIMUM 10 WL)
  • WL 2 Cont: $DEGEN Holders of any value (MAXIMUM 10 WL)
  • WL Free Mint: $DEGEN Holders of at least 100 $DEGEN get 1 free mint allocation
  • Snapshot: Stealth snapshot prior to mint day
  • WL 1 Mint Price: 0.369 AVAX
  • WL 2 Mint Price: 0.420 AVAX
  • Public Mint Price: 0.50 AVAX (NO LIMIT)
  • Mint Date: 22nd March 2024
  • Time: 2.30pm EST / 6.30pm GMT




What about a Lil Degen

🎉🚀 Welcome to the wild world of Degen NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain! 🚀🎉

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other as the Degens storm onto the scene, armed with their unique brand of cartoon chaos and an insatiable hunger for success. They're not just selling bags; they're flipping the script on conventional thinking and rewriting the rules of the game.

But here's the kicker: there's no stopping them, and why would you want to? Embracing the Degen lifestyle isn't just about making moves; it's about embracing a mindset, a culture, a way of life that defies the norm and celebrates the unconventional.

So, are you ready to dive headfirst into the Degen universe and carve out your slice of the Avalanche culture? Or are you content to linger in the realm of 'what ifs' while the Degens chart their course to greatness?

Owning a Lil Degen isn't just owning an NFT; it's a symbol of pride, a testament to your commitment to the Avalanche Degen movement. Join us, and let's ride the wave of innovation and creativity together as we make our mark on the blockchain and beyond! 🌟🚀

Its all about the art

Here for the culture?

Everybody knows that art is the culture.

The community is the culture.

Everything else is just eh?!?

If you are Degen to the bone you need a Lil Degen to represent that degen spirit. These little F*ckers DGAF and let everybody know it.

AVAX is a vibe and that vibe deserves art to match, you won't find pixels here just hand drawn b@$t@rd$ that have serious attitude and alot of fun.

Within the traits you may find our love for the AVAX community dropped in, that's because without community there is no crypto space. Every single DEGEN CRYPTO CHAD deserves some love whether they are hodl'in to the moon or selling for a happy meal.

The diversity is what makes crypto engaging, dangerous and fun and the Lil Degens are here for it.


Whitelist protocol

Not enough can be said about WL protocols across crypto, with CABAL manipulating and allowing people to mass buy and then jeet'in on everyone moments after launch.

We are putting a simple process in place to ensure a fair WL; which anyone can enter if they prove their inner Degen.

1 - Holders of $Degen at set limits will receive WL dependent on their current holdings. A stealth snapshot prior to mint will be taken for automatic WL inclusion.
2 - Community is everything therefore active members of Lil Degens discord and socials will be chosen for WL.
3 - Run the risk of getting REKT on mint day and FOMO in on the open market. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


Hanman Crypto

Hanman Crypto

The godfather

Creator of the DAO with the vision of bringing all DEGENs together.
Jules in Oz

Jules in Oz

The Treasurer

Crunches the numbers and ensures processes are aligned.


The Investigator

Blockchain expert ensuring the cross chain explorations are met.


The Builder

Jack of all trades and makes sure it happens when its suppose too.